For a long time, I've overlooked the magnificent creatures that are the Birds of Prey. I admit, that I've lost some of my strong interests in animals several years back; however, after meeting my girlfriend Michelle I've really redeveloped a love for animals once more. It was thanks to her that I especially saw the true appeal of birds in general. For a start, the birds of prey are brilliant predators. Striking from the skies to catch their prey in such a swift; yet, powerful way amazes me. Also there's a great degree of beauty in many species of birds of prey as well whether it ranges from the miniature kites and falcons to the enormous Golden and Philippine Eagles. Their sharp eyes, massive talons, and beauty is just admiring.

I've learned a great deal about these brilliant birds in the past two years as well from their swift flying and gliding patterns to their hunting methods. Just imagine being struck down by a massive talon to the neck and having your body absolutely ripped apart by a beak as sharp as a sword. Now that's a true terror of the sky! And I'm sure many squirrels and rabbits feel that great deal of fear once a large shadow flies overhead!

Some birds of prey are just awesome to look at as well! Check out the Osprey or the well known Bald Eagle! The Osprey has adapted to becoming an expert fisherman...err bird by using its rotatable back talon! The Bald Eagle with its recognizable brown and white plumage is quite the sight to look at! Meanwhile, there are many beautiful birds of prey too! The Snowy Owl is absolutely breathless with its beauty while the Merlin just has some great feather markings! And there's also the size difference of the birds of prey too! The sadly extinct Haast's Eagle was massive bird of prey that hunted the ENORMOUS and over 10 feet tall Moas of New Zealand! Sadly extinction got to both birds; however, we still got some pretty amazing birds of prey to this very day! The Philippine Eagle has quite an intimidating; yet, handsome face while the African Pygmy Falcon is simply adorable; but that doesn't stop it from being an efficient hunter!

There's a lot more I'd like to say in regards to the birds of prey; however, I'm still learning more about them and thirsting for more knowledge too while admiring these longtime predators of the sky. Fleeters has definitely inspired me to look up more about them! More to come!

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